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A self-appointed censor admin is suppressing the wishes of the majority of editors, and she is blocking inclusion of a photograph at feces.

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I wouldn't, then, get rid of any one term, and try to use common terms that mean partially or wholly the same thing selecting the appropriate term for context.

Much of this information is better covered elsewhere or not needed at all. Even when people use lots of lubrication during anal sex, there can be tearing of the tissue inside the anus, which is not as well protected as the skin outside the anus.

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It doesn't seem NPOV to single out gay men with a heading but not include a heading for straight folks. We don't wanna any government organ from some country to obligate Wikipedia to put a "minors warning" in its home.

wiko If there is some evidence supporting this opinion, please feel free to correct me. The strongest nerves are in the clitoris, which is definitely not between the vagina and rectum.

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Exploding BoyApr wnal, UTC I am going to avoid comment on the above slights, and rather redirect your attentions to my statement anal sex wiki, wherein I point out the POV nature of the term "gay". Anal sex enthusiasts are well-known for correctly saying that, "If it was painful, you were doing it wrong".

Much of this information is better covered elsewhere: But you did not link to it. Because of this, men who have sex with men have a high risk of this cancer. Since the you want to move to is already occupied, you'll need to request a move.

Such relations have also been sed as taking place in houses of prostitution, which provided youths or young men. They used condoms during anal sex Can anyone come up with a better construction?

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More study needs to be done in order to provide more information into the role of the "G-Spot" in heterosexual anal sex, and arousal in women. The womans form is all off, the lamp looks too small or the enema bag too bigmy 0. The Supreme Court of Georgia in xnal case of Powell v. The lubrication must be supplied, ideally in abundant quantities, anal sex wiki the sex partners.

Lubrication issues already covered under Health issues.

You're right, wiku a rather ridiculous claim without supporting data. Zex relationship with God is the root of true happiness in my eyes, not race, creed, sexuality or other nonessentials. From being completely open and legal, to being illegal for male to male participation, to only being legal in marriage or even totally outlawed. According to Dr Anne Szarewski, "Men who have sex with men are at a much higher risk than average of anal south brisbane sex phone and genital warts, particularly if they are HIV-positive," and this population may also benefit from the human papillomavirus vaccine, presently d for use sdx children.

Maybe if I had said I was a Fred Phelps disciple or some such, maybe then you'd have a case that I was biased, or had an agenda. And further the APA calls on these organizations and individuals to do all that is possible to decrease the stigma related to homosexuality wherever and whenever it may occur.

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One is appropriate as an encyclopedia adjective, the other isn't. A of Christian churches confirm the importance of accepting and welcoming homosexuals into their communities, and protecting their civil rights.

Once weakened, feces can escape the anus against our will. However, condoms are more wii to break during anal sex than during vaginal sex.

Anal sex - wikipedia

The anal sex wiki poster has not returned. WP: For women, pleasure may also be derived from anal intercourse because the rectum shares a wall with Single contractor 55 likes sex vagina, and the sexual nerves are actually closer on that side, making the sensation different and sometimes actually stronger. The American Psychiatric Association states that All major professional mental health organizations have gone on record to affirm that homosexuality is not a mental disorder.

Sam Spade1 Apr UTC Well that's a common stereotype but regardless of its veracity monogamy is not the issue. Lets just focus on the matter at hand. wi,i

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Sam Spade talk contributions26 Mar UTC Female receptive sex obviously involves completely different organs - a better analogy might be in order, here. The bottom lies flat and face down, legs together.

As for your question "preferred by whom? You apparently, but anyone else?

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Any well-regarded book anal sex wiki anal sex you care to name will tell you substantially the same helpful information as this section. Obviously people who fail to use condoms or don't do so properly are putting themselves at very high risk if having anal sex or any form of penetrative sex really with someone who his infected.

It also defines explicitly words such as vulvaanal sexrapepenis ], and other "tabooed" words as such.

Anal sex is five times more dangerous than vaginal sex and 50 times more dangerous than oral sex. Anal sex is anal sex. Question: What anal sex wiki the Dangers of Anal Sex? Look around you If you claim otherwise then you should also support banning all sexual activity. Furthermore, what are the tranmission rates for protected anal sex I mean with protection properly used and lubrication, etc to prevent condom breakage?

This term implies happiness. Sam Spade27 Apr UTC If you're a psych major you have even less excuse for trying to promote the point of view that gays and lesbians are somehow inherently unhappy.