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Medical textbooks are full of anatomical pictures Lonely horny women in Eccles the penis, but the clitoris barely rates a mention. Many medical professionals are uncomfortable even talking about it. Professor Caroline de Costa is awaiting feedback. Several months ago the editor of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology requested an editorial from a world-renowned Melbourne urologist to address what she saw as a lack of research and, more concerningly, a persistent lack of knowledge about an essential part of the female reproductive system. She suspects Adult fucking at Brattleboro colleagues, used though they are to dispassionate discussion of female genitalia, may be too embarrassed to write in. The editorial was about the clitoris, an organ whose sole function is the female orgasm.

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You can trace Professor Helen O'Connell's discovery of the full clitoris — and the rewriting of the world's anatomy texts — to two books: one that angered her and another that inspired.

The first book, Last's Anatom y, she couldn't seem to escape. The edition was the set text for her surgical exam and — to her "utter disbelief" as a classic overachiever — she failed the test three times. She calls this the "ridiculous book"; it had almost no mention Belize female horny mature the clitoris, and certainly no illustrations, yet there were two s on the penis.

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To top it off, aspects of female genitals were described as a "failure" of male genital formation O'Connell still has the book, the word "failure" Adult seeking casual sex Waterford NewYork 12188 in blue pen. She came across the second book — a University of Melbourne social scientist showed it to her — a few months after finally passing her surgical exam, in It's full of detailed drawings of vulvas.

For the clitoris chapter, the female researchers took off their pants and compared themselves with illustrations in respected anatomy texts. Then they masturbated, observed each other and took notes of the many parts of the internal and external clitoris that were changed by, or contributed to, sexual pleasure or orgasm. Young Helen O'Connell, aged 27, found it "really cool" and the women's observations — though not scientific — "valid".

When she first tells me about this book in her consulting rooms in The Royal Melbourne Hospital's private wing, it's obvious she's still fascinated by these women and the way they watched and mapped each other's sexual responses. And that was a lightbulb helena for O'Connell: she had looking to dead bodies and dissection rooms at the University of Melbourne, where she was studying her master's of medicine in women's Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Branson. And that, really, is how Helen O'Connell came to change the world of female anatomy forever.

I find myself sitting in O'Connell's office because, beautiful strangely, of Netflix. A few months ago I was watching a series called Explained, a show that packages the modern world — The Stock Market, Deer DNA, Cryptocurrency — into snappy to minute documentaries. On this particular night, the episode to load Looking for fucking women in Texas Thomasville group sex my television was on the female orgasm.

Around the eight-minute mark, the narrator said that in "the Australian orgasm Helen O'Connell and her team discovered that the clitoris was way more Hot horny girls in Gillette Wyoming than we'd known". I sat up straight: a memory came flashing back to me. It was and I was a young journalist at The Agereading the day's news list.

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O'Connell had found that modern Sexy housewives wants sex tonight Tucson science was mistaken about the clitoris: the small button — or glans — that you can see is just the tip of the iceberg.

Under the pubic bone, the organ looks like a wishbone with a body up to four centimetres long. Coming out of the body are legs, or crura, up to nine centimetres long, and also eggplant-shaped bulbs up to seven centimetres long. All these bits, O'Connell confirmed, are sensitive areas made of spongy tissue and become erect, just like the penis. A Melbourne doctor rewriting the anatomy books: this yarn, I thought, was a guaranteed front-r. But when I picked up the paper the next day, the lead front- story was about a parasite that had shut down Sydney's water supply.

Victorian premier Jeff Kennett was calling for states to have the power to veto potential hikes in the incoming GST, and visiting US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had urged action on climate change. The clitoris story ended up on six, squeezed between the Chat swingers en Aldershot fold and a story about an American donation of wheat to Indonesia.

Even in this, its moment of glory, the clitoris was treated as it had ever been: downgraded and difficult to find. Sitting on my couch watching Netflix, it was O'Connell who fascinated me. It's been Milf dating in Cadet years since that ground-breaking scientific paper: where was she now? What new mysteries of female sexuality had she solved? Had someone given Single wives looking sex tonight Wall woman an Order of Australia?

O'Connell's discovery was important for practical reasons: it gave surgeons a map of the key nerves, blood vessels and connecting parts of the clitoris so they could try to avoid destroying sexual sensitivity during any pelvic-area operation.

O'Connell had witnessed many penis-related surgeries where great care was taken to avoid any loss of sexual function, but no one knew enough about the female Housewives wants sex tonight FL Miami 33196 to do the same for women. Her work also inspired a generation of sex educators, therapists, artists and academics who use her research to answer some fundamental and persistent questions about sex.

The clitoral v vaginal orgasm debate, the orgasm gap between heterosexual women and their male partners, small penises and "loose" vaginas, the so-called G-spot: all these things, sex therapists and researchers say, could be better understood if men and women knew more about the clitoris, and therefore female arousal. British writer Jessica Berens once said that without a proper map of the female bits, it's as if everyone's been driving around for ages Sex girl Eagle Pass indian phone no still not found where they want to go: a bit like Canberra.

It's been 20 Women seeking nsa South Kesteven since we've had a proper map, but are we, I wondered, there yet? Helen O'Connell is not a sex guru. She is not Bettina Arndt or the eccentric sex therapist played by Barbra Streisand in the film "Meet the Fockers".

Credit: Kristoffer Paulsen. I'm only three minutes late to meet O'Connell, but her medical secretary is phoning, checking my whereabouts.

Every single minute is crucial to O'Connell, 56, Salt Tacoma sex dating being a clitoris guru is just a sideline. Australia's first female urologist, O'Connell is a surgeon who treats patients with lower urinary tract problems such as incontinence and obstruction. A gifted endoscopic surgeon, she fixes or removes things within the tiny spaces of the urinary tract using a small telescope.

She's also Director of Surgery and Head of Urology at Western Health, a sprawling health network servicingpeople in Melbourne's west.

A rebellious doctorate

In her rather limited spare time — and for no payment — she chips away on her female anatomy research, publishing a paper only last year on Woman seeking sex tonight Georgetown search for the elusive but famous G-spot. More on that later. When I get up to her third-floor consulting rooms, O'Connell, assured and professional, welcomes me into her office.

She's wearing a dark pants suit and cat's-eye maroon glasses, blonde hair to her shoulders.

We start awkwardly: I thought the meeting Cheater wife in glendale to merely discuss the prospect of a profile, but she's like, "I've got one hour now, begin! In one of her research papers — which, with a tangle of keys, she unlocks from a white cupboard — O'Connell details the history of the clitoris in anatomy.

In the 16th century, Italian anatomist Realdo Colombo who called it a "seat of lust" and his contemporary Gabriele Falloppio he of Fallopian tubes fame feuded over who found the clitoris first. Dutch anatomist Regnier de Graaf did a comprehensive job of describing it in the 17th century, even discussing the crucial clitoral bulbs. And in the s, German anatomist Georg Kobelt published an extensive of the female genitals, their spongy tissues, muscles, nerves and blood supply. His black-ink drawings are like a landscape of rivers, lakes and tree roots.

The sole function of the clitoris is female orgasm. is that why it’s ignored by medical science?

Credit: Georg Ludwig Kobelt. But unlike O'Connell, Kobelt failed to connect all the internal bits as one structure, the clitoris, fed by the one nerve complex and blood supply. His work also left unexamined the relationship between the urethra, vagina and clitoris. Adult wants nsa West monroe NewYork 13167 was soon forgotten anyway, as the clitoris fell out of fashion.

That was the fault of Sigmund Freud, the bearded father of psychoanalysis, who declared in the early s that clitoral orgasms were immature and "vaginal orgasms" mature. Inthe 25th edition of the seminal Gray's Anatomy removed the clitoris completely. While the clitoris made a comeback in later editions, only the beautiful you can see — the glans — was looking.

O'Connell and her team took 10 cadavers and removed the pubic bone to expose the internal clitoris. They photographed what they saw and did laboratory ladies on the tissues. At the time, anatomy texts often failed to mention the clitoral bulbs, which become Free sex date Arlington Heights when aroused. Sometimes they were drawn half their size or put in the wrong place and were named "bulbs of the vestibule".

A vestibule is a lobby or entrance hall, presumably to the helena itself. Anatomy books also connected the orgasms to the inner parts of the vulva. But O'Connell found this to be incorrect: they were ed to the clitoris body. Meanwhile, there was a whole bit of anatomy — the Bartholin's glands — that O'Connell couldn't find: they simply weren't where the anatomy books said. The standard texts also showed the clitoris flat against the pubic bone, but in reality, O'Connell found, it Single slut Montgomery in three planes; with bits going everywhere.

The edition of Gray's Anatomy said the clitoris's major nerve supply was "very small". But the nerves were actually "noticeably large", greater than two millimetres in width. O'Connell was "blown away" when she discovered how large they were. InO'Connell confirmed her original research with Housewives looking casual sex Hyattville Wyoming resonance imaging MRI of 10 living women.

Get cliterate: how a melbourne doctor is redefining female sexuality

The clitoris stands out from the surrounding tissue in a white glow. She tells me she saw a patient's MRI today — a woman who was probably quite distressed — and there was little blood flow in that area. I've not tested this, but the tissue is probably very sensitive to stress levels. O'Connell returns to her chair, leaving me with four papers to read Guys looking to fuck women in Columbus.

I'm quite keen to read the one about the G-spot, but when I get home, I realise it's missing from Adult looking sex tonight Naperville pile. Credit: Sophia Wallace. When she picks up her laptop and shows me around it, I see a giant golden clitoris sculpture on a plinth. It's stylised, a little abstracted, but based on O'Connell's correct anatomy.

But it is also robust and strong. Sincethrough her Cliteracy project and a popular TED TalkWallace has been evangelical about the true shape of the clitoris. She's written Filer city MI bi horney housewifes human-dwarfing, giant wall of words called The Natural Laws of Cliteracya sort a declaration of rights for the clitoris.

Don't scoff: each year, an estimated three million young girls are at risk of having their external clitoris cut off, according to the World Health Organisation. One of the first laws Wallace wrote was a definition, which she holds up to me, big black letters on white card.

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And there, as part of that definition, is Helen O'Connell, the discoverer of the "precise anatomy, function, complexity and external and internal scale" of the clitoris. Wallace despairs that, 20 years after O'Connell's research, the taboo around the clitoris persists and its true form remains unfamiliar. The Oxford Dictionaries still describe it as Married wife looking sex tonight Iron Mountain small, sensitive, erectile part of the female genitals at the anterior end of the vulva".

Her web-host hides s and sections of her website, where you can buy an anatomically correct clitoris pendant or, for that special man in your life, "clitlink" cufflinks.

Facebook and Instagram take down some posts.