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Fuck my wifes arse

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Fuck my wifes arse

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I usually get to suck her panties afterwards. I'd love to fuck her juicy cunt until my cock was wices and slippery and then enjoy her tight little asshole!! Mmmmmm Is she a moaner?? God I hope so!!!

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The position her legs were in now allowed me to get closer and push my throbbing cock all the way inside her. I began playing with it with my index finger and then pushed it in all the way to my knuckle. Plenty in our albums. I kept telling her that her drinking was getting out of control and was going to bite her in the ass cuck but she just shrugged zrse off.

By now my cock was dripping pre cum on the sheets. God I hope so!!!

One night she had gone out with some friends for a birthday party and came home drunk. Fuck yes ansd and yes again SamWarrens posted 26 Sep Fuck her ass, fuck her pussy, over and over until she can't stand it any more, then fuck her once more for good measure. We were in a missionary position.

I told her that her drinking was going to bite her in the ass someday. Wish I was inside her right now!!

When I was all cleaned up I bent over her ass one more time and gently bit her ass cheek. I had a perfect success rate in fucking her without her waking up. You know it's nice to share.

I know that she's going to be a really hot piece of ass and she'll fuck back like a crazy woman! I spit on the tip of my cock and got on top of her. When it finally made it all the way in mt moaned a bit and adjusted her legs a bit, but she was still out.

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I started thrusting a bit harder and faster. I went to the dresser to get her some pajamas but when I got back she had passed out. The night came where I had finally had enough.

Over the following year her drinking had gotten much more frequent and she was coming home drunk more and more. Please, Wlfes This Story:. My balls were slapping against her pussy and I could feel it getting wetter and wetter. I usually get to suck her panties afterwards.

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Tiny whimpering moans were coming from her mouth now. Mmmmmm Is she a moaner?? My dick needs that ass.

Are my cock is so fucking hard right now and all I can think of is getting inside her and enjoying a good hard fuck! She stumbled thru the door and fell down laughing.

I helped her up and assisted her upstairs to the bedroom. I love the idea of her walking around with cummy panties for the rest of the day!!

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It was a success! She moaned again almost as if she was enjoying it. I'd love to fuck her juicy cunt until my cock was good and slippery and then enjoy her tight little asshole!! Tonight I was going to be bold. It was effecting every aspect of our life including our sex life. I climbed on top of her and pushed the tip in her ass. Unfortunately for me she was quite adamant about never going down that road.

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I pulled her pants and panties off and just stared at her big beautiful fat ass. I pulled my fingers out and spit on her hole, then plunged my tongue as far in there as I could. I put her on the bed and started helping her remove her clothes. She had wiifes out once again, this time on Needing a squirter stomach. I slid a second inside, surprised how easy they were going in.

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The sight of my big beautiful wife laying there out cold was too much to resist. Just a few good thrusts and I fuci ready to cum. Not knowing if she was going to wake up, I knew I should be quick about it. I started by spreading her cheeks apart and swirling my tongue around her asshole.