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I fucked my mum

I Look Cock

I fucked my mum

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My dad works away alot and as a result my my spends alot of time masterbating.

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I just always picture her being my mother, or I picture myself fucking my own mother. I'm really getting into it when suddenly "what the hell are you fuked mum yells. He sets the camera beside them so it can capture his mom in her entirety.

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Mom begs for her son to cum, telling him how his cock fuced inside her, etc. He starts fucking her from behind. In walks the son and plants his cock in her pussy. It jumps straight into the action when i realise that it's my mum on screen with my dad fucking the hell outta her doggy style. Now somewhere along the lines, I think I developed somewhat of an Oedipus complex. I went upstairs and opened her bedroom door, which was locked at the top. And i fucked my mum since they started dating, I felt like I started not being as close to my mom as I had been.

So to me, she is the hottest there is.

And it is those things that have made me think of her and masturbate to her. She was fully clothed, but I still… wished she was on top of me. She said they were gonna watch the movie Joy Ride, and that I was welcome fkcked come up and watch it with them.

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She noticed the direction of my eyes and told me to stop staring at her breasts before readjusting herself. Now were fucking furiously harder and faster until i feel my balls tighten and she Slut search Minneapolis Minnesota "oh shit i'm cumming" then i shove my cock in her as deep as i can and unleash my love juice into her womb. He helps mum out of her clothes but leaves the apron on.

I lean forward abit and undo her bra releasing her tits, i grope ducked then squeeze her nipple between my forefinger and thumb. My dad works away alot i fucked my mum as a result my my spends alot of time masterbating.

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She throws her head back and says "sod it i fucked my mum my pussy" i slip my cock outta her ass she reaches down between her legs grabs my cock and guides me into her soaking wet pussy. And then he moved in with us. I was severely depressed, and I was just tired of getting into it with my mom. When I got home, I asked when my step-dad would be home, and she said in a day or two.

I hold it there for a few seconds then pull out, she turns round drops to her knees and takes my softening cock into her mouth and sucks me dry. I never really wanted to kill anyone, but I did want my mom to myself. It tucked an image that I never got out of my head, just like the first one.

She had been readjusting her shirt when I was turned around. She moves around me and he into the kitchen and i follow her. I lean over and grab her ass "what the hell are you doing" she screams "i'm gonna have abit of what i've been fuckked i say. But I remember a couple of things that may have fueled my lust for her… Advertisements 1.

I often sneak a peek on her when she's doing this. I told them I was gonna stay downstairs on the computer, but I eventually got bored and decided to come upstairs. He gropes mum a little more and says "thanks mom" :.

I just wanted to go home. But my mom is a goddess. Later in the Day Mom is packing for a long trip.

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Leena cannot concentrate and puts down her make-up brush and enjoys the sex She rushes over the the dvd player and presses eject. She is very controlling. I put clothes in the washer, and I put on my old gym shorts.

And now that I had a plan, I was ready to go home. Then, I got on the computer. I try my hardest to find actual incest porn and not just the fake kind with actors.

So I was peeking in, and she was on top of a guy. With that i scooped her up and carried her upstairs and we spent the rest of the week fucking and we still fuck each other now whenever and where ever we can.

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From her voice, to her personality, to in some ways her body structure. I grab her and bend her over the breakfast bar pulling her dress up over her head as i do. The same thing I would do with certain shirts and bottoms of hers. Fuckec grab some of the butter that was left out on the side and i smear it over her asshole and i probe i finger in, man its tight.

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Something easy to slip on and off. Once mums gone and i've got the house to myself i settle down and watch a couple of my porn dvd's, to be honest i've seen them thousands of times and there not really doing it for me so i go upstairs to where my dad keep his stash i fucked my mum grab one and put it on. But while I was over there, I started thinking about my mom. Son blows his load. Just the way my mom treated me made me desire her. She's got home and i hadn't heard her come in.

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I grab her black thong and i tear it off "no please stop" she begs but its happening now and theres no stopping it. Other days, I would masturbate to pictures of her she had on the computer or laying around the house. When I was in high school, she started dating this guy.