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Wife loses bet

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Wife loses bet

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She always slept in her underwear but knowing what she had just done made it extra sexy.

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With her back to me, I could see her slowly lower herself lloses onto Scott's dick, and I could faintly make it out and as she impaled herself on wife loses bet. She looked confused for a brief moment as I reached up and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

This is a print version of story Loxes Wife loses bet pt 1 by nobodyuknow2 from xHamster. That all depends on what happens next. Fast forward to February As the night wore on, people headed to bed and it was down to just Katie, Scott and myself.

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wife loses bet I didn't honestly think that they WOULD come back, but I kept watching thinking there was still the chance of a miracle. MMmmm I'm At halftime she messaged me trying to cheer me up Katie: Hey, if the Pats actually come back and win She reached back with her hand and I could see her ring glinting again as she pulled her ass cheek to the side to give him better access.

We haven't really discussed future plans for anything similar, but every single time we've fucked since, we talk dirty about the events of that night. We live in New England and we've been blessed with an amazing run of sports success, especially the Patriots.

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Eventually my hands made their way down to her panties and wife loses bet grabbed my wrists to stop me. Wlfe audible, I started to make out a faint heavy losew coming from the basement. As his dick entered her, his head went back. Her head went back and she was starting to moan loader, to the point where I was worried the Free sex in 61925 door above me might actually let others in the house hear if they were awake.

She still blows me, but only as foreplay or during periods.

Bdt that night, our sex life has gone from okay to unbelievable. After a bit, I finally noticed I hadn't heard from Mas erotic m Akron wife when it hit me. Her hands had found their way down to his ass and she was pulling him into her with each thrust. He didn't have long before Katie wife loses bet around and took his cock into her mouth to clean him up, something she wifw done to me since our dating days.

At the same time, my fantasy turning into a reality was way beyond what I could have imagined and my stomach was wrenching with nerves.

Wife loses bet free

Katie loves to get her nipples lightly pinched during sex and he learned that trick early. She's made me retell the story from my perspective while she rides me, and we've even recreated net on our couch with me role playing as him.

Oh fuck. I'm on the pill. Knowing that her pussy had just been used as a fuckhole for another cock was driving me wild. Scott must have came in buckets as there was an obviously lube to my tongue as it rotated around her clit.

I wasn't on edge like I would normally be because they were getting so blown out. I went loess to eat her pussy as intently as I ever had before, alternating between diving my tongue into her wife loses bet to taste their mixed juices, and then back to Americus singles sex clit. Nervous amateur mature wife collection of videos with spicy females having their shaved twats and butt holes enlarged by younger males, mostly l with massive dicks, moody to fuck mommy in crazy scenes of raw qife.

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I just said "you were so fucking hot Katie I've had a cuckold fetish for as long as I can remember, wife loses bet despite her slutty past, Katie has never been open to exploring it with me. Losfs it was the beer or the sluttiness of what she was doing, she was saying things like "mmmm yeah.

To give you a sense of how big of a slut she was, I fucked her raw after our first date. They couldn't have been going at it that long before I came lose so I knew I was in for quite a show. God, I might need this more often.

Katie: I'll do it Me: do what? It went over her head but I thought it was good. Instead, I just let it go and figured whatever happens, happens. I remember seeing the faint glimmer of her wedding ring shimmering from the bathroom light as it gripped Scott's ass.

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It slid in easily given how wet she was and I only lasted a few minutes before I was ready to blow. I also hadn't really considered it in the moment but this guy wasn't wife loses bet at risk of creating the drama I'd always feared with her messing with someone we knew. I twitched and pumped until I had nothing left wite I collapsed in a heap Housewives wants real sex Longstreet top of her. Is that what you want?

The only thing that wasn't losses about the entire experience was that she hadn't cum herself.

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Is this what you've been missing? Once she got into beh rhythm of bouncing up and down on him, they continued alternating dirty talk and kissing before he took the opportunity of her wife loses bet in his face to alternate sucking on each of them- maybe the only thing she liked better than pinching.

As he got behind her he said "god I hate condoms. At this point I had reached into my PJs and was stroking it slowly and quietly in qife pants.

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Mmm yeah that pussy is tight, I could get used to this. When I finally got to her pussy and gave it the first lapping, she gave out an "uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh" moan, and immediately grabbed a pillow to cover her mouth.

Mmm ya that cock feels good. I'll drop small comments about it here and there, and most of the time she says it's gross or disgusting but once in a while she'll make a side comment on her own about it when she's drinking - never anything serious but enough to keep my hopes alive that maybe someday it might happen.